Flexibility 3 New features and a whole new level of flexibility

Flexibility 3 takes WordPress creativity to an entirely new level. It’s easier to use, faster to customize and has many new graphics and options.

New Theme Options Interface

Flexibility 3 has a new interface that loads faster, is much easier to use than prior versions, and is intuitive enough that even new users quickly discover how easy it is to create your own custom blog design.

Many More Theme Options

Users of Flexibility 2 and the original Flexibility theme will find the options very familiar, there are just more of them! Take complete control over your design and even use custom CSS code from directly within the theme options!

Excellent SEO for Ranking

You’ll find Flexibility 3 loads faster than prior versions, and the theme code is W3C valid. Better SEO design techniques mean your site will rank better in the search engines for your niche keywords.

New Page Templates

Flexibility 3 includes three new page templates that can be used to remove your sidebar, remove your page title, or both. It’s an easy way to create a WordPress minisite using Flexibility 3.

New Design Possibilities

By changing a single option, you can now use a transparent header like shown on this site. You can also turn off your site navigation or comment function completely for creating minisites or non-blog websites.

Instant Niche Affiliate Sites

Flexibility 3 is now compatible with FlexSqueeze theme skins. FlexSqueeze is our premium affiliate marketing theme, and you can now use any of the niche skins designed for FlexSqueeze with Flexibility 3!

Flexibility 3 is a FREE WordPress Theme!

Go ahead and download the theme, try it out and see how easy it is to create your own custom site. New users quickly discover how powerful the theme can be and you can quickly create a site unlike any other.

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