The skins available for Flexibility and FlexSqueeze theme were self-admittedly getting a little stale.  I finally took three days and sat down and put my nose to the grindstone and cranked out 65 fresh new skins.

Click here to view theme skins at

Topics range from all types of sporting topic skins to wine, careers, cars, home decorating, generic textures and artistry, iPads and the new Kindle Fire.  All the new skins include the normal header and settings file, and also an editable PSD for the text logo shown in the skin screenshots.

So if you have a new site you’re working on or need some inspiration for a new affiliate income stream, try out one (or more) of the new skins.  They’re the usual $9 each, which is a steal considering how quickly the skins transform a plain WordPress site into a targeted niche site.

If you’ve never used a skin with Flexibility before, all you do is extract the zip onto your desktop.  Then go into Flexibility under the Import/Reset tab and click the ‘Browse’ button and locate the CSV file you extracted.

Select the file and click the ‘Import’ button.

Next, go to Media > Add New and browse to the header image that was extracted.  Upload the file and then copy the File URL after the file has completed uploading.

Go into the Flexibility theme options under the Header tab and paste the File URL for your header into the ‘Header Custom Image’ space.  Click the ‘Save Change’ button, refresh your site, and you should see your skin installed.

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