How do I use Adsense on my site?

To use the built-in Adsense feature, you simply log into your Adsense account and copy your publisher ID from the top right corner of the page.

Paste that into the ‘AdSense publisher ID’ option under the Adsense tab in the theme options.

Next, activate the locations where you want your ads to show. You can choose from a leaderboard ad (728×90) that displays above the page content, a top sidebar location, a left sub-sidebar location, top of posts and bottom of posts. You can have up to 3 locations active on your page.

You can also enter an Adsense channel for each location.

To control the colors of your ad display, change the color options at the bottom of the options page. This controls all ad colors, so if you want to use different colors for each location, you will need to use a plugin like Advertising Manager or another ad management plugin. Or if you can also place your Adsense code directly in the theme PHP files.

Using an external plugin to manage your ads also allows you to use other types of ads. FlexSqueeze also gives you the ability to place non-Adsense ads on your site.

How do I use the Analytics/Javascript options?

If you use Google Analytics, you can simply paste your web property ID into the option blank provided. You can get your property ID from your analytics setup information on Google. The theme uses the old footer analytics, so if you want to use the new header method, you will need to paste that code into the header.php file manually.

If you have custom analytics or other javascript code that needs to go into your theme footer, paste it in the ‘Footer Scripts’ box.