I had a guy email me about all the affiliate links in the default theme and how “turned off” he was by them.  Here’s the deal. I needed content for the default installation, and since many of you use the theme for affiliate marketing, why not put some actually affiliate-type content into the default installation so you have something to work with?

You can easily edit the top feature links in the feature.php file, and the footer links in the footer.php file or just activate widgets and replace all the content. I guess I didn’t see the harm in including my own affiliate links with a free theme. If someone clicks and I make a little coin, who does that hurt? So for those of you who are “offended” by my inclusion of my own affiliate links in the sample blog content, I hope my appology is accepted.  Geesh.

Oh yeah, what about the cost of the theme license at $39 per site or $99 for unlimited sites? Too much? Personally I think it’s pretty cheap compared to commercial themes that are available.  Again, this theme isn’t intended to be a big money-maker for me, it’s just fun to see how people trick it out and use it.  But people are always asking me how much it would cost to remove the footer link, so I just put together the license price so people would know.  If it’s too much, let me know and if I get enough input I’ll revise it.

Here’s a clarification on the footer link.  It’s ONLY the one clear at the bottom of the theme. The actual link varies but it’s always either to one of my other sites or to JustGive.org which is a really cool way to feel better as a human being.  All the other links and graphics in the theme are just filler content, so feel free to remove them.

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