Join our Affiliate Program!

Once you have signed up for an account, click the “Get Affiliate Code” link and select Advantus Media from the drop down menu. You will have the option of using the common affiliate hop link or using product specific links. The common hop link will direct to the FlexSqueeze sales information page here. If you are promoting the Squeeze Page Vector Pack, you will want to use the product specific links that go directly to the Vector Pack page here.

In either case, you will get credit for any sales that take place during the duration of the cookie, which is 6 months. The commission rate on all sales is 30% and payment will take place approximately 30 days after the end of each month via PayPal. For example, payment for April sales takes place towards the end of May.

Purchasing items through your own affiliate link is prohibited. If you do purchase through your own link, you will not receive commission on the sale and your account will be shut down. This is to discourage people from signing up, making a purchase and then never promoting any products. (I’m serious about this. If the only commission you generated is your own sale, you won’t be paid.)

I will not tolerate any “questionable” marketing tactics and I reserve the right to ban anyone from the program if any misleading advertising is used to promote my theme.

Below you will find banner ads and images for the different products on my site. Use whatever images you want to simply by right-clicking and saving the images to your computer. If you need any custom size ads or special content/color scheme, just contact me and let me know.

125 x 125 ads

250 x 250 ads

468 x 60 ads

Squeeze Page Vector Pack box shots