Affiliate ThemeLet me set one thing straight before I get into Affiliate Theme from UBD. I’m biased but I think FlexSqueeze is better.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you about this new affiliate marketing WordPress theme from the masters of blog design down at Unique Blog Design. I have to be a little bit biased towards my own theme obviously, but UBD has done a good job of creating an affiliate marketing theme with the features most bloggers need to quickly launch affiliate sites using our favorite blogging platform, WordPress. UBD is renown for their clean design and really great visuals, and Affiliate Theme is no different from their work for the likes of Shawn Collins, Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker and John Chow.

You can see their theme options panel here, which is a work of art in itself (note to self: make my options panel prettier). You can control your basic blog settings such as the background images, background color and page layout as well as some typography settings for your headlines and body fonts.

You also have the option of including a featured offer on your page (haven’t I seen that somewhere before?) and the use of a custom header graphic, logo or niche graphic (umm… Flexibility…). One feature that they do allow that I really should build into my theme is the ability to use custom action button text. I assume my users have enough HTML experience to edit their buttons, but that might be something to put on the “to-do” list.

Affiliates will undoubtedly use Affiliate Theme as a landing page generator, and that appears to be primary focus of Affiliate Theme. You can control all the meta data that is displayed such as the post date, author, categories, comments, etc. and these options are turned off by default. By turning these options on, you can return your Affiliate Theme back to a more recognizable “blog” appearance. Additional features include custom footer copyright text and link colors, footer page navigation and separate header/footer stat tracking codes.

Affiliate Theme comes in several versions, not unlike my FlexSqueeze theme. They have a single-use version, a multiple-use version which comes with 10 bonus niche header graphics and a Super Affiliate package which includes 30 niche header graphics and access to any new headers that are developed. The Super Affiliate package also gives you an affiliate commission of 50% if you sign up as an affiliate for the theme. If your subscriber list is at all affiliate-related you shouldn’t have any trouble making back the purchase price of Affiliate Theme in a very short time, especially if you have any size of subscriber list.

Affiliate marketers looking for 1) a nice-looking customizable WordPress theme 2) a quick way to create landing pages with WordPress or 3) a great affiliate commission rate on a premium WordPress theme should take a look at Affiliate Theme from Unique Blog Designs. You can read all about the theme and even download a testdrive at the Affiliate Theme website.

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