Affiliate marketers are always looking for tools that make it easier to launch affiliate sites, whether with WordPress or an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or Expression Web. My new FlexSqueeze theme streamlines either process, as it includes a fully styled HTML sales page along with all the needed CSS styles and images.

If you are building affiliate sites with WordPress, FlexSqueeze reduces the task of creating a WordPress squeeze page to one-click. Once your page has been templated into a squeeze page, the process for getting all your sales page content into the page is quite simple.

I personally use Dreamweaver for all my HTML editing, as the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress is not really suited for creating css-based page layouts. If you have my FlexSqueeze theme, you have a file called ‘sample-squeeze-content.html’ within the theme download. There is also an identical file in text format called ‘sample-squeeze-content.txt’ that is set up without the CSS styles so you can copy and paste the entire document directly into your FlexSqueeze sales page. All the needed CSS styles are already built into FlexSqueeze theme.

You don’t have to use a high-end HTML editor like Dreamweaver to edit your squeeze page content. You can use any free or lower-end editor as well. If you open the HTML file in your editor, you will have a completely styled page with a TON of sample content that you can simply copy or cut and paste around your document to suit your needs. All the graphical elements are included, and the FlexSqueeze theme zip file also includes over 250 squeeze page graphics that you can easily grab and use in your page.

Once you have your page open in your HTML editor, I recommend you take a look at the HTML code to see how I commented the different page sections. I clearly indicate where to start and where to end when moving content elements around in your page. The sample squeeze page content itself gives clear instructions on how to create styled unordered lists, boxes, the various form styles, centered text, highlighted text, how to use the span tag and much more.

Here is a video showing how easy it is to copy and paste the included squeeze page content into your WordPress squeeze page. This example uses the text file format, but you can use the same process for copying your content from your HTML editor into your page.

The entire process of creating your squeeze page in WordPress takes just a couple of minutes. The longest part of the process will just be customizing your own page and writing your copy. FlexSqueeze offers extensive customization of your WordPress squeeze page from within the theme settings tab in your dashboard.

If you don’t use WordPress, but prefer to create your own HTML squeeze pages, you might be interested in the Squeeze Page Vector Pack. It includes the over 250 images that come with FlexSqueeze, but they come in your choice of Fireworks or Photoshop formats. You can easily edit any of the buttons, bursts, icons, squeeze page elements and squeeze page headers and create your own custom versions. The Vector Pack also includes the fully-styled HTML squeeze page and the text version as well, so you have all the tools you need to create HTML squeeze pages.

Whatever your preferred method of creating squeeze pages, FlexSqueeze and the Squeeze Page Vector Pack give you everything you need to very quickly create a professional squeeze page in WordPress or any other HTML editor.

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