That’s right, all your requests have been answered!  I’m coding a really cool affiliate marketing squeeze page function into the theme over the next few days.  You’ll be able to independently control the squeeze page settings from the control panel. So if you blog is normally 920 pixels wide with a sidebar, you can make your squeeze page 660 pixels wide and obviously not have a sidebar.

I’m making the navigation and header optional as well as the footer info.  You’ll be able to strip out every element of the page and also use a custom header image for your squeeze page.  I’m also going to code in a bunch of squeeze page elements like I styled in this HTML affiliate marketing template I created awhile back. So you’ll not only be able to eliminate the sidebar, but you’ll also be able to have all the cool squeeze page elements pre-styled for you.

Can’t wait?  I know… it’s going to be cool.  If you have any feature requests, get them in now.

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