How do I customize the footer feature area?

The code that shows by default in the footer feature area is located in the footer.php file. Editing the content is very similar to editing the top feature area, other than instead of a feat_box container, the footer feature area uses a foot_box container. The number of columns is controlled by the ‘Number of footer columns’ under the Footer options tab. Please see the FAQ on customizing the top feature area for more info.

The footer feature area is also widget-ready, so you can activate widgets in the Footer location. The number of footer columns applies when using widgets.

How can I add links to the footer?

Under the footer options tab, there is an option where you can add HTML for additional footer links. For an example, use this code:

|&nbsp;<a href="#">Footer link</a>

This will add a link to the right of the copyright link in the footer. Just change the href value to where you want to link to and the ‘Footer link’ text to whatever anchor text you want to show.

How can I center footer content?

Enter this code into the box in the ‘Custom CSS Code’ box:

#footerdark p {text-align:center;}

How do I remove the footer links?

You can purchase a link-free version of the theme here. It’s not real expensive and it helps me offset the time and cost of developing and maintaining the theme.