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9:35 am
August 4, 2010


New Member

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i have having the same problem. the block is there for it, but no ads are showing up. i just want the leaderboard adsense block on top, nothing else.


any ideas

4:06 pm
September 20, 2010



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I am also having problems getting the 728x90 leaderboard to show up on all of my pages in Flexibility 3.

Right now, I am only able to see it on pages named "Home" and "Blog".  It is not showing up on any other pages.

The code:

   <?php if (get_option('flex_adsense_loc1') == "yes") { ?>
  <div style="width:730px;height:90px;display:block;margin:5px auto 15px auto;text-align:center;">

 $adsize = get_option('flex_adsense_loc1size');

 $adtype = get_option('flex_adsense_loc1type');
 $adchannel = get_option('flex_adsense_loc1channel');

 include('adsense.php'); ?>


is already included in Flexibility3, so I don't think that is the problem.

Adsense is properly being shown in Location 2, Top of Right Sidebar, so I don't think that it is a problem with Google indexing the page before it will deliver ads.

I want the 728x90 leaderboard to show up on all pages and posts.  Any ideas?