The Squeeze Page Vector Pack is a collection of over 250 vector images that can be edited in Fireworks or Photoshop. They are obviously designed for sales pages, and being vector graphics, you can change colors, type, all that good stuff.

FlexSqueeze skins allow you to quickly create a niche blog simply by importing a file and uploading an image into FlexSqueeze theme.

I’m going to give away your choice of the combination PNG/PSD version of the Vector Pack OR your choice of any of 5 FlexSqueeze skins just for signing up for hosting with BlueHost through this link. Sure it’s an affiliate link, that’s the whole point! You need hosting, I get paid, you get the Vector Pack or 5 skins free!

So here’s how it works. After you sign up for hosting with BlueHost (which is my recommended host for use with my themes), you can email me through my contact form with the domain name you signed up with BlueHost and your choice of Vector Pack or the five skins you want.

Once I confirm that you signed up through my link above, I’ll send over the link to download the goods. Important: Signing up through any other links will not make you eligible for this giveaway!

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