How do I create a header like on

Under the Header tab, select ‘yes’ for the ‘Trasparent header?’ option.  This will remove the border around the header and also remove the background color.

The image you see on the right of the header is a custom PNG image that is applied by uploading using Media > Add New (WordPress menu, not a theme option) and then the full file URL is entered into the ‘Header custom image’ option.

The logo is a custom PNG image that again is uploaded into WP and the file URL is entered into the ‘Blog logo’ option. The logo was made the full height of the header, so the ‘Title/Logo top padding’ option is set to ‘0’.

How do I center my header background image?

The header background image defaults to align right. If you want to center your header image, go under the ‘Custom CSS Code’ tab and enter the following in the large box:

#header {background-position: center top;}

How do I show just the title and not the tagline?

In the ‘Custom CSS Code’ option, enter this into the box:

p.tagline {display:none;}

You can also format the tagline with different font styles using the same property like this:

p.tagline {
color: #ff9900;
font: bold 21px/24px Georgia, Times, serif;

How can I move the search box onto the navigation bar?

The search box uses absolute positioning, so you can move it from the top of the header to the navigation bar simply by increasing the ‘Search box top margin’ option to a value that is large enough to position it on the menu bar. For example, if your header height is set to 110 pixels, try a value of 113 pixels for the ‘Search box top margin’ option.

How can I create a smaller RSS icon on the menu bar like shown on this site?

Use the following code in the ‘Custom CSS Code’ option:

#rssicon {width:25px;height:25px;}
#rssfeeds p {width:25px;height:25px;font-size:0px;}
#rssfeeds {top:115px;width:25px;height:25px;}

You will need to adjust the 115px value in the #rssfeeds line for your own header height. This site uses a 109 pixel header height with the 115 pixel value. You can adjust the size of the RSS icon by changing the 25px values in the code. The normal text shown with the RSS icon is hidden by using the 0px font size value.