A lot of my theme users ask me who the best web hosting company is to use with my themes. I’ve had both the pleasure and displeasure of working with a ton of hosting companies over the years, and I’ve really narrowed my recommendation down to one company, BlueHost.

I have several reasons for recommending BlueHost over other companies, but there are really three primary advantages:

  • Flexibility 3 and FlexSqueeze work out-of-the-box with BlueHost
  • You can update your blog easier using SimpleScripts than using automatic upgrade or Fantastico
  • You get a free domain forever if you sign up through this link!

There is a reason BlueHost is recommended by not only WordPress.org, but also the majority of the other major open source software projects on the web. They are responsive to the needs of their users and are quick to update their servers with the latest software releases.

Why do some WordPress web hosting plans work better than others?

Different hosting companies set different default permissions on files and directories when you set up a hosting account. My themes are very dynamic, with a lot of database interaction and file writing going on behind the scenes. If your current WordPress host restricts the ability of your files to be rewritten, you may have problems changing theme settings without chmod’ing file permissions.

What is SimpleScripts and how does it relate to WordPress web hosting?

SimpleScripts is a third-party service that was developed by one of BlueHosts former employees. He created a great service that can integrate with any hosting company (SimpleScripts Pro costs $15/year but is free if you host with BlueHost) that makes it super simple to install and upgrade your favorite scripts such as WordPress, bbPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and many more. The best thing about SimpleScripts, is they work very closely with WordPress to get the newest version ready for you to use, much faster than most Fantastico-based ugrades.

How good is BlueHost support?

In a word, excellent. BlueHost takes a different approach to tech support, in that they actually want to help you (unlike some of the other hosts I’ve used). Their response time is very fast and the best thing about it is they all speak very good English! (no offense to non-English speakers) Have you ever tried to explain a website problem to overseas tech support? It’s not a pleasant experience.

If you want reliable WordPress web hosting that comes with very knowlegable tech support, just use BlueHost. And definitely take advantage of this special offer to get a free domain FOREVER (not just a year like those other web hosts)!