Theme skins make it very easy to create a completely new look for Flexibility 3 without having to take the time to make all the changes manually or create your own niche header graphics.

To install a skin, you first need to unzip the skin file to your computer. Inside the zip you will find a header image (.png or .jpg format), installation instructions, a CSV file, and on a few skins there may be a custom background image as well.

Once unzipped, go into your Flexibility 3 theme options and click on the Import/Reset tab. Click on the ‘Browse’ button and go to the location of your skin files. Choose the CSV file and click OK. Then click the Import button.

At this point your skin settings will be imported.

If you receive an error at this point saying something about not being able to create temp.csv, you need to do one additional step. You need to access your hosting account files on your server and go into the wp-admin folder and create a new file called temp.csv.  Once created, you also need to modify the file permissions higher than the default 644. Try 755 first and if you still can’t import the skin try 766. As a last resort use 777, but after importing the skin back the permissions back down to 644.

The next step is to upload your header image. Use the Media > Add New menu in WP to upload the header image included in your skin. Once the file has been uploaded, you will see the File URL for the image on your server. Highlight and copy that entire line.

Now go back into your theme options under the Header tab. In the ‘Header custom image’ option, highlight the entry and delete it and then paste the File URL you copied from your uploaded header.

If your skin also has a custom background image, repeat the same process with that image as you did with the header, but paste the file URL for that image in the ‘Blog background custom image’ option under the Background/Borders tab in the theme options.

Save your theme settings and refresh your site. You should now see your complete theme skin visible. You can now go back to the theme options and fine tune your settings.