Why do some of the buttons look funny when I use a different hover color?

Some of the menu styles look better than others when using a different hover or active state color. That’s because the menu ‘tabs’ are created using graphics with transparency. This allows the background color to show through the image. The menu styles that work best with a different color hover/active state are the Square Tabs, Square Tabs Light, Reflect, Simple, and Black Bar styles.

How do I change the color of the menu bar itself?

The menu bar gets it’s color from the color you set for the menu tabs. If you want a different color for the menu bar, you will need to enter some code into the ‘Custom CSS Code’ option like this:

#nav {background-color:#ff9900;}

Chances are the menu bar will look better with the same color as the tabs.

What’s the ‘Remove border’ option under the Navigation options for?

When set to ‘yes’, that option removes the border around the menu bar. You can create the appearance of a full-width header by setting up your site and capturing a screen shot of the page, then cropping the image down to just include a narrow slice of your header and menu bar. Then you can upload that image and make it your custom background image and set it to repeat horizontally across the top of your background. Then your menu bar will blend in to your background image giving the appearance of a full-width header.

How do I get a right-aligned menu?

Add this to the ‘Custom CSS Code’ box:

ul.sf-menu {float:right;}

How do I exclude some pages from showing up on the menu bar?

If you’re using WP 3.0+ The easiest way is to just create a custom menu using the Appearance > Menus option and build a custom menu. Otherwise you can use a plugin like the Exclude Pages plugin.

How do I create drop-down menus?

Drop-down menus will automatically be created when you make your page have a parent page. When creating your page, in your ‘Page Attributes’ menu on the right side of your window, you’ll have a ‘Parent’ option with a drop-down menu. If you select a page from the menu to be the parent page, your current page will show up in a drop-down menu below the parent page.

If you set a parent page that already has a parent, then your current page will show up as a ‘fly-out’ menu to the side of the current drop-down menu.

If you are using WP 3.0+ and the custom menu builder, you create drop-down menus simply by dragging your child page below and slightly to the right of the parent page you want to drop down from. Your child page will show up slightly indented under the parent, and when you save your menu and refresh your site, you’ll see your child page as a drop-down from the parent.