I really hope you’re using some kind of traffic stats program to track the website traffic coming to your blog. I primarily use Google Analytics, although it doesn’t provide real-time tracking and can take up to a day to fully compile your prior day’s stats.

I will freely admit that I am obsessed with tracking visitor statistics on my sites. Not necessarily THIS site, as the traffic patterns for this site are pretty steady from organic Google results, Warrior Forums, Digital Point, a few major blogs and a ton of individual click throughs from blogs that use one of my themes.

My obsession is more with finding out what keywords people are using to find my sites. I hope you’re paying attention here, because your analytics keywords can provide you with a tremendous amount of information and open up new long-tail niches that you hadn’t thought of before.

Here’s a good example. One of my niches is insurance because I’m a licensed agent, I understand it and can market it pretty well without a bunch of fluff. That’s not to say I ENJOY writing articles about it, as it’s a pretty dry topic. But nevertheless, I crank out blog posts and articles on a fairly regular basis on one of my main car insurance sites.

When I look at the keywords that are driving traffic to my site, I look for new variants of phrases that could be used for a targeted page or blog post. For example, the following were some of the organic search phrases driving traffic to my site a month ago.

1. progressive discounts
2. does car insurance cover theft
3. colorado medical payments coverage
4. does my insurance cover rental cars
5. how much insurance do i need for my car
6. car insurance cover theft
7. does my car insurance extend to rental vehicles

I had posted about Progressive discounts that are available, and noticed a high number of visitors looking for discounts for their Progressive insurance. I then reasoned that if people are looking for Progressive discounts, they would also be looking for GEICO discounts, since those two companies are numbers 1 and 2 for online car insurance.

One month later, these were the top keyword searches to the site:

1. geico discounts
2. progressive discounts
3. car insurance
4. allstate vs geico
5. car insurance quotes
6. does my insurance cover rental cars
7. geico car insurance

GEICO - Get a Quote Today!
So you can see that by reasoning that consumers would be looking for discounts for both companies, I created a post targeting GEICO and one month later it is the driving the highest amount of traffic to the site. You can also tell from the lists that the site is ranking better for the massively profitable keywords “car insurance” and “car insurance quotes”. It’s currently in Google’s top 40 for both terms, which is pretty good considering there are over 77 million search results.

As my site contains a fairly extensive FAQ section for car insurance, I get thousands of visitors searching for answers to their questions. There are many long-tail phrases that start with “does car insurance cover…” or “how do I…” or “can I get…” By simply sorting through these long-tail phrases and finding a topic that may have 3 or 4 similar topics, I can create a new post, article or FAQ that targets that specific insurance topic.

So you can see how your analytics can provide you with some great information regarding the keywords that are driving traffic to your site. Take a look at your own site statistics on a regular basic because you might find some potential profitable phrases that can easily be taken advantage of with a series of targeted posts. Then it’s just a matter of finding the proper monetization technique for your site visitors.

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