I had some requests for the ability to apply different squeeze pages within the same blog, so I updated the theme over the weekend to include five different squeeze page templates. You can now apply different header images to the five templates and apply them to any pages on your site. You can use a custom header image for each if you want, and the squeeze page title is optional, so if you don’t use a custom title it will simply use the title of the page you apply the template to.

I also added a 6th page template to the theme, which is a full-width page template. So you can now have a normal blog page with no sidebar, and still maintain all your blog elements such as comments, header, navigation, footer, etc. This template could also be used as a sales page within your blog and maintain your blog appearance.

Version 1.1 is available for all new purchases now, and prior buyers will receive update emails to download the updated version.

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