How do I remove the sub-sidebar content like Categories/Archives/Links?

There are two widget-ready sidebar locations below the top sidebar boxes. If you activate widgets in one location or the other (Sidebar_left or Sidebar_right) they will replace the default content shown on installation.

You can also turn both locations off in the theme options under the ‘Blog/Sidebar Widths’ tab.  Simply select ‘no’ to either the ‘Show left sub-sidebar’ or ‘Show right sub-sidebar’ options.

How do I change the color of the page background or the text and links outside the post boxes or the text size used on my site?

There is a theme option tab called ‘Blog Overall Fonts/Colors’ that has options that didn’t fit in a better location.

You can change the overall text size for the post text here, but you have individual control over the sidebar text sizes as well under the ‘Top Sidebar’ and ‘Sub-sidebars’ tabs.

You can also change the color of the page behind the post boxes and sidebars, as well as the color of the text and links below the posts such as the number of comments and the RSS feed link and trackback link.

How do I disable comments on my site entirely?

Under the Posts tab there is an option called ‘Display post date, time and comments link’ that if you select ‘no’ to this option, it will completely disable blog comments. This can be used if you are creating more of a website rather than a blog.

How do I remove the top sidebar boxes?

Under the ‘Top Sidebar’ tab, select ‘no’ to the ‘Top sidebar box visibility’ option.

How do I get rid of one or more of the top sidebar boxes?

That’s a widget-ready area, so if you activate at least one widget in the Sidebar_top location, the default three boxes will disappear. You can duplicate the ‘About my blog’ section by using a text widget, and also the recent posts and recent comments boxes by also using widgets.