When I say Affiliate Theme for WordPress, you might think I’m referring to the new Unique Blog Designs theme that you can view here. Nope, I’m talking about affiliate themes and internet marketing WordPress themes in general.

I’m going to the drawing board for a completely new affiliate theme for WordPress. Having had some great input from hundreds of Flexibility, Flexibility 2 and FlexSqueeze users, I want to narrow the focus to what are the absolute necessary features in an affiliate theme.

My past themes have focused on maximum customization, with options as detailed as controlling the letter spacing in the sidebar titles. With my next project, I want to maximize the usability of the theme while at the same time minimizing the control options in order to facilitate faster deployment and improved user experience.

I’m thinking of using settings more like the Quick Change settings in Flexibility 2 and FlexSqueeze, but apply them to the typography and layout as well as the color scheme. So instead of having so many individual options such as font size, hover color, etc, you would be able to apply one of many Quick Change settings to create different blog-wide appearances. Some people like the fine-tunability (I think I just created a word) of my themes, but I would say the majority just use the default settings and make minor tweaks to the theme.

So here’s my question: What would be the MOST important features to build into a theme?

Is the ability to control blog width important? A fixed-width blog would lend itself to more creative visuals (rounded corners, etc) but still give the ability to change the sidebar width to accomodate different widgets and plugins.

What about built-in optin forms? Built-in subscribe via email form? Built-in Adsense or leave it up to plugins? Drop-down menus? More/less feature areas? More/less header graphic options? More squeeze page functionality? Multiple page templates so you can apply a full-width page with no sidebar to any page? Right/left sidebar configurations?

You use my themes, so give me some feedback on what YOU would like to see in my next theme. It will be built from the ground up with a whole new look and feel, so the more input I get, the better I can build a theme that will maximize the usability for affiliate and internet marketers.

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